Am I A Real Contender?

Micah 7:8, “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy! When I fall, I WILL ARISE.” 

Micah, a minor prophet in the Old Testament, prophetically and profoundly etched these words inspired by the Holy Spirit thousands of years ago. These ancient words describe the response of someone or a group of people that are on the preverbal ground. Knocked down, fallen, tripped up, however it happened, it was strong enough to get them on the ground. 

hile, on the ground, Micah proclaims the essence of a CONTENDER for the things of God. Someone that fights the good fight and understands that its a fight. WHEN I FALL, I WILL RISE. 

When I was a 15years old, I would go to a boxing gym after school to train. I would never ask the trainers to train me, instead I would watch others and train myself. I can remember the day when the trainers took notice of me and came over to me to help me get better. They noticed some flaws in me stance, and gave me some simple but profound tips to get better. After awhile I got pretty good and ended up training with the kids that were going to amateur fights. I finally had the opportunity to fight in the ring. I ended up fighting one of the best fighters in the gym. I was pumped up, nervous, and in my own head. I think I lost the sparring session before I even got my head gear on. Once we started boxing, we got some healthy exchanges off, but I ended up on the ground. He was proud and trash talking. I laid there angry, but I knew that I wouldn't stay there. I got back up and finished the fight. 

Contenders know that sometimes real life STINKS. They realize that PAIN is temporary. But CHARACTER is permanent. 

Get back up and Keep on Swinging! 

Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your Son. I asked you to give me the BOLDNESS to get back up when I end up on the ground spiritually. I ask you to forgive me for not following your word and your Spirit. Fill me with your Spirit so that in my weaknesses I can be made strong. I am not made to quit. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Max Perez