Jesus Was Oblivious to Storms

 A Stage 217 Devotional By Tyler Smith

 A Stage 217 Devotional By Tyler Smith

These days It is extremely popular in the “Church World” to sing songs to God about the storms of life that we may find ourselves in.  If you listen, it’s everywhere…from Hillsong’s popular song “Oceans” which talks about raging seas, to Lauren Daigle’s hit single “Trust in You” which talks about needing God to calm the waters. About two weeks ago I was in my car just chilling with Holy Spirt and a song came on the radio by David Crowder where it says, “In the middle of the storm, I am holding on, I am” (yes, I heard it on the Fish…apparently, I am a soccer mom). While I don’t think that it is wrong to ask Holy Spirit for help in storms of life, I simply asked Him, “Holy Spirit, what do you think about all of these “storm” songs we are singing?” In the most gentle & convicting voice Holy Spirit spoke to my heat and said, “Jesus was oblivious to storms… He just slept through them.” WOW!

Did you know that in Matthew 8 Jesus was on a boat in the middle of the most violent, crazy storm and he simply slept through it? Why Didn’t he sing a song to His Father about how he was worried on the boat but just needed to believe? Why didn’t he gather His disciples together in a circle to talk about how scary the storm was? The answer lies in the fact that Jesus knew who His Dad was! Jesus was fully convinced and 100% sold on the fact that God was His Papa and was already with Him. He knew that His Father would “never leave Him or forsake Him” and because of it, sleeping was just a normal thing to do in seemingly “life-threatening” situations. Aren’t we as Christians supposed to be imitators of Jesus?  Hebrews 11:1 states that “Faith is being SURE of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see.” If you are in the middle of a storm I encourage you to go to sleep (e.g. completely rest in King Jesus) and simply be certain that God has you.

Let’s Pray!

God, as we go through our day today, we just trust You. We know without a shadow of a doubt that you hold us tight, if we simply rest in your arms. We are not afraid because we know You love us and “perfect love casts out all fear”. When trials come our way today we will just let our soul completely rest in you just like Jesus rested in the midst of a storm. Help us not be identified by our storm but by our Storm Calmer. It is in Jesus’ name that we come to you, amen!


Max Perez