Counter Cultural Attitude

You have to possess a certain SWAG about you in the Kingdom of God. Let me explain, I had the honor of serving in the Army. And one thing I must say stood out about it was that the culture was completely different than where I came from. There was a certain swag about us. We had different laws, strange customs, and a beautiful loyalty. We were completely bought into the idea of honor and community of one.  This ALL IN mentality caused us to live counter culturally and stirred our passion and loyalty to the Armed Forces and to our country.

            Jesus taught a similar attitude in Matthew 5. He called them the “BEattitudes.” These counter cultural attitudes are the guidelines, the principles, the motto of those who are enlisted in the ARMY of GOD. Here is the thing,




Where there is pride replace it with humility, where there is ambition, replace it with preference, where there is acting, replace it with genuine faith. Learn the heart of Jesus through his word and begin to find your place and identity in Him. This community of believers need to have a SWAG and that SWAG isn’t to look like the world but to look like Jesus.

4 Counter Cultural Attitudes:

1.     And Jesus said, happy and blessed are people who sometimes MOURN AND CRY, for they will be comforted by him.” (Matthew 5:4)


2.     “happy and blessed are people who are MEEK, LOWLY, AND HUMBLE, for in eternity, they will inherit the entire earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

3.     “Happy and blessed are people when they suffer HARD TIMES AND PERSECUTION FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS AND FOR DOING THINGS GOD’S WAY, for they will inherit the full riches of Christ’s Kingdom in heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

4.     “Happy and blessed are people who HUNGER AND THIRST TO BE MORE RIGHTEOUS for they will be filled more and more with God Himself.” (Matthew 5:6)


Scripture Reading Matthew 5



Father, I ask you to make me one who lives counter culturally by being a genuine follower of your son. Search me and find If there are any areas of my life that are blended in with the world. Forgive me for ignoring those nudges that you give me Holy Spirit. Right now I am listening, I want you to lead and guide my life. Team me to MOURN and Cry with Jesus so that I can Laugh with Him in life too. I want to know Him and make Him Known



Max Perez