Freedom In Christ by Miguel Ocasio

                   Freedom in Christ


S: Galatians 5:1-6


O: It's interesting to note that Paul says that we should stay free. Why would we need to stay free? He says this because He knows how easy it is to fall into a routine of trying to work for freedom. Our flesh is hard wired to work for things even though that's not what God intended for us. 


He doesn't want us to be a slave to the law (works: working to be accepted) because that's not how we received our freedom in the first place. Our freedom came through having faith in Jesus Christ. We didn't earn it by works but by grace through faith in Him.


A: I have freedom because of what Jesus did and not what I did or will do. I need to continue in this freedom by keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. It is through His grace that I am free. I will not do anything to receive freedom but I will do things because I'm free.


P: Father, I come to you right now and I thank you for your word that declares I am free through your son Jesus Christ. I pray that you would give me wisdom to always live for you because you set me free. Keep my eyes fixed on you daily. When I get side tracked, bring me back to this knowledge of your freedom. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Max Perez