Max Perez


“95% of being a GOOD YOUTH LEADER is about being a GOOD CHRISTIAN.” –Mom Mayo


Wow! What a truthful statement. I have been involved in youth ministry since I was 19 years old, so almost 15 years of youth ministry leadership. Looking back, I have had a lot of success stories and a lot of failures in my youth ministry journey. They say you lead people through your strengths but you connect with people through your weaknesses. I want to share with you just two , small, but EXTREMELY important principles I have learned over the years in the trenches of the youth ministry journey.


1.   Draw Everything From God’s Presence, Not From Your Vast Experience.


Sounds simple enough. But far too often I have found myself pulling on my personal experience with youth ministry that I rely more on that than I do God’s presence. There isn’t much I haven’t seen when it comes to youth ministry so that can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in that nothing surprises me, but bad in that I have “the answers” for everything.


Often times the Holy Spirit reminds me how replaceable I am. And that the purpose of my life is not found in my past but in His presence. It is in His presence that I have felt the heart of God. It is where as a leader, I don’t have to lead. It’s a place of rest, refueling, and purpose. Oh’ and this includes prayer, worship, evangelism, and study of the Word of God.


2.   Drink From The Well Daily, Regurgitation Isn’t Healthy.


The well? Well, let me explain…The greatest of leaders must be led by someone greater. Jesus is the greatest leader of all time. Drink from his life. I have seen people identify themselves as Christians yet, never have read through the bible, or finish the gospels for that matter. Now I am not judging or condemning anyone, I am simply identifying the principle that what you pour in will come out. And if you do not have a fresh perspective/understand/encounter with the Word of God, then what are you pouring out?


Imagine for a minute, as disgusting as it sounds, someone drinking water and then spiting it in your mouth. Then you taking that and spitting it into 3 peoples mouth. (Insert vomit). As nasty as that sounds, we do that to ourselves and to those we serve when we drink from other wells as oppose to digging into the Word of God ourselves. Endeavor to be a well-digger.



Here’s to Leading from God’s Presence and drinking fresh water.

Max Perez