Remaining the Same

Chalk Talk: Daniel 6

By Miguel Ocasio

Leaders must remain the same no matter the changes that occur


            The story of Daniel is one that we can glean from in so many ways as leaders and even as fellow believers. God has given us this example to keep us on track no matter the changes that come in our lifetime. In Daniel chapter 6, we see that a new king has been put into place. King Nebuchadnezzar is no longer in charge and his son (King Belshazzar) was killed in the middle of the night for wanting to make Daniel the 3rd ruler over the kingdom. King Darius (the Mede) received the kingdom. Darius wanted to make sure the kingdom did not suffer loss and put into place 3 governors and 120 satraps (smaller leaders over the provinces). Of course, over time, Daniel’s (one of the governors) excellent spirit caused him to stand out among all the other leaders. King Darius wanted to set him over the whole realm. The others did not like this idea and tried to figured out how to get rid of him. They finally decided to persuade the king to have a statue made (kind of like what King Nebuchadnezzar did) to honor him as king/a god. It would then be decreed that no one would be allowed to petition to any other gods for 30 days. If they did so, they would be thrown into the lions den. King Darius agreed to this and it set into motion the plan to kill Daniel.

            Daniel heard about this decree and decided quickly to remain who God called him to be (a man of no compromise, and someone full of dedication to the Lord). Daniel continued to pray three times a day (like always) with his window opened toward Jerusalem. These leaders sold him out to the king and Darius was displeased with himself for making this decree. Darius did not want to kill Daniel since he loved and respected him. The king struggled with this the whole night and decided he had to to save face in his kingdom. Daniel was thrown into the lions den.

            It is interesting to note that when Daniel was being thrown into the den, King Darius declares Daniel’s character by saying “Your God whom you serve continually, He will deliver you.” When we remain the same dedicated person to the Lord, it will speak volumes to everyone who’s around, especially those who do not serve the Lord. Daniel could have changed the way he did things many times while he was a captive, but he chose to remain the same throughout his lifetime. He built up a rapport with each king no matter their religious views. He respected and served them in every way except when it came to his relationship with God. He did not change, but remained the same.

            I remember when I was in college and had to take oral communications (speech class). I was nervous to get in front of people to speak but I knew God would help me. When it came time to do my persuasive speech, I chose to do it on the topic of “Living pure in an impure world”. As I began to share this speech, another student, whom I knew from work, began to smile. After the class, he came up to me and said “I knew you would do something like this. You’re the real deal man.” That spoke volumes to me. I could have chosen to shy away from being me because of the people in the class but I decided to remain the same dedicated person I was. It planted a seed in that guy’s life and he was glad I did. Let’s be these types of leaders wherever we go and for however long we live. It is making a difference.

            Father, I pray for those who read this blog. I ask you to help them remain loyal and dedicated to you no matter the changes that occur in their lives. Help them to be bold and unashamed to be called a child of God. I pray that they will never compromise but always stand for what they believe in. Bless them in the process and allow them to be that ministry tool for you and for others. I ask you this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

Max Perez