How to Celebrate a Win in Your Life

If you haven’t heard lately, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship! This win is a big deal for many reasons but I’ll just point out the most significant-52 years without any pro sports team championship! 52 years of getting close to winning but closer to defeat. This year they won. I was with some of my family watching the game and when the game was complete we celebrated like crazy!


With that amazing celebration, I went home and thought I would capitalize on the thought of celebration. So I want to share with you 3 how-to’s in the area of Celebrating WINS in your LIFE.

1.    Don’t Minimize Your Accomplishments

Seriously, you did the work, you studied hard, put in that overtime, balanced your life, kept your hand to the plow, organized and executed that event. Whatever you did, celebrate it. It is not prideful to celebrate your accomplishments. I think we take the humble road to the extreme sometimes. Setting a goal and accomplishing it is worthy of celebration. Post about it, throw a party, jump up and down, celebrate with others!

2.    Make is Memorable

I love creating tokens. Small items that signify an accomplishment. I cab remember when my wife and her sister was fighting to get licensed for their new business venture. They failed a few times at it and faced a tremendous amount of discouragement. I went out and bough pink boxing gloves and took a quote from Rocky 6 in a frame and tied it to the gloves. I gave it to them to encourage them to fight and never give up. They ended up finishing the race and we celebrated!

Whether its going out to dinner, throwing a party, going on a mini vacation, or even creating a token. Make it MEMORABLE. Celebrating yourself and others creates unity in the family.

3.    Round Table It

Let me explain, this powerful moment will work when you are celebrating someone else. Get a group of close friends and family members together at the house, or restaurant. Go around the table to celebrate/encourage/pray for, the person you are honoring.

I have experienced and been apart of this type of celebration a few times and it is always very moving! People work hard to accomplish goals in there lives and having people speak about them and encourage them is like wind in your sails. Trust me!

Now I know that there are many more ways to celebrate accomplishments in your life I wanted to give you just a few. Celebrate. It is important! 

Max Perez